Revamped by Eden & Ebb was launched in an effort to reduce waste and get the most use out of the garments we already own. Whether your worn garment has stains or needs a refresh, we can rework the piece to make it feel new again.

Please submit details for your request below - include the type of garment(s) you'd like revamped, the fabric content (the item needs to be at least 50% cotton or other natural fibers), and the desired color/design you'd like for the piece.

Please note the final color and design will vary slightly from items on our website depending on the fabric content, thickness, and original color of the garment. We only add color to garments (we do not remove it) so we are only able to make the garment darker, not lighter.

Pricing starts at $50 per garment. We will email you a quote for your project after reviewing your request.

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