We believe in...

Creating one-of-a-kind high quality garments. All of our pieces are hand dyed and we like to think of them as wearable works of art. We focus on being a part of our community and connecting with you irl. Our goal is to spread a little more color and love in the world.

Small Batch, Slow Fashion

All of our garments are hand dyed in a small studio in Seattle, WA and the embroidery is hand stitched in-house. We dye in small batches and our online orders are made-to-order in order to reduce waste and avoid overproduction.

Made to Last

We work with high quality fabrics made of natural fibers in order to produce long lasting garments. We use a dye fixative on each piece to avoid fading, and we recommend following our care instructions to ensure your piece lasts as long as possible.

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Connection and community are at our core. We participate in in-person events in the Seattle area and along the west coast, we enjoy collaborating with other artists and small business owners, and we encourage our customers to come see us in-person. We believe community is incredibly important, and we focus on being an active part of ours.

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